Friends of Virginia Swain:  Restoring Faith in Humanity                                                                                                                                                                                                        

with a Global Mediation and Reconciliation Service

A Spiritual Renaissance our Global Soul,                                                                

a Project of Restoring Faith in Humanity 

Virginia Swain for our Global Soul    

Listen to the chant by Paulette Meier above the pictures.  

We all have within us a center of stillness surrounded by silence.

The Vision

A mural with a Phoenix rising out of the ashes of World War II in the UN Security Council sparked a beginning of another vision in a dream I had the night of 9/11.  A new Phoenix rose out of the ashes of ground zero to restore faith in the human condition.  By helping leaders claim their mission and end the centuries of the cycle of violence within and without them, participants join the patchwork quilt that is our global soul.  Here is the Phoenix where people offer a healing image to represent their patch and mission for our global Soul healing.  This is a significant beginning to the Pheonix’ invitation and need for healing the soul of the world. (click on link and enlarge to your full screen)

The Phoenix is a transformative and regenerative bird that is the world’s soul. My experience showed me a new way to look at 9/11, encouraging me to heal and address the soul need that the Phoenix brings.

I invite you to become a Friend of Virginia Swain: Restoring Faith in Humanity and become a stakeholder in the vision to heal our world together and co-create a plan of action to facilitate global soul destiny at home and in the world, in a respectful, caring way.  

 A Spiritual Renaissance for the global Soul supports those impacted participants and groups alike, to become address and heal their concerns in an emotionally safe environment.  The Renaissance is an implementation of the the Peacebuilding Process of Reconciliation to Develop Political Will. In the Peacebuilding Process, political will is defined as the will of the People and the politician is the Reconciliation Leader. 

The best way to strengthen the United Nations is go back to your own country as I have since the UN is made up of countries working in their own self interest. The global problematique, the intersection of all the world’s challenges, can only be resolved when every organization, individual and group work together.

The Peacebuilding Process evolved into the Global Mediation and Reconciliation Service launched at the Hague Appeal for Peace in 1999.

The Reconciliation Service awakens a vision for the United Nations, the United States and the international community as a body that will not use force at any level to make peace:

  • by inviting the Sacred in partnership with peaceful settlement.
  • by custom designing preventive and post-conflict peacebuilding interventions in the wake of protracted conflict for nation building.
  • by applying psychological techniques and spiritual perspective for accountability and forgiveness.
  • by reconciling victims and perpetrators across all the divisions of humanity.
  • by building on the experience of the truth and reconciliation commissions.
  • by offering hope and healing for human immobilization, trauma, frustration, anger and hatred.
  • by offering a new political process based on a felt experience of global citizenship beyond divisions to resolve common problems.
  • by honoring each ethnic group’s traditional ways of resolving conflicts worldwide.


If you wonder how to live in these times, rejoice in the ordinary, embrace the simple
For in these things the Spirit remains indelible.
Be at peace with your brothers and sisters, the Earth.
Devise ways of praise which are genuinely from your heart and celebrated by your spirits.
Rejoice in your humanness, your maleness, your femaleness.
Look for the Spirit in all things and
You will see blessings flow in abundance.
Recognize the Light in the least of things.
If you would seek majesty, look to the smallest fleck of sand
For it contains the essence of All Knowing and All Love
For it, like you,
Is a substance energized by Love.
Mediation #8 Divine Encouragement: Living with the Presence of Hope by Michael E. Collins and Barbara V. Wheeler ©Xlibris 2003


Reconciliation Leaders

Continue my 25 years of experience developing and training Reconciliation Leaders in the United Nations. I invite you to become a stakeholder in my process to heal our country together and co-create a plan of action to facilitate America’s soul destiny at home and in the world, in a respectful, caring way.  

Draw on and build a Culture of Peace in America drawing on our longtime commitment to our Culture of Peace Initiative in Worcester and the Global Movement for Culture of Peace.

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America’s Soul Café

A series of online community-building environments, called America’s Soul Café, a whole group interaction method focused on authentic conversations as a creative process for leading collaborative dialogue, sharing knowledge and creating possibilities for action in groups of all sizes.  Every soul has a role. We, the people of this country, all have a life mission and purpose and are desperately needed.  People join me on the Internet with their wisdom and experience to reflect and envision solutions to heal America’s soul using an imaging process.


The Imaging Process

Will you join me to awaken the collective soul by awakening your individual soul first? To step up to your patch on the patchwork quilt of America’s soul destiny? Will you do your inner work and follow your inner Voice to help our country and ultimately, by ripple effect, the globe? Are you willing to join me to redefine your leadership to heal America’s soul?